Are You the Weak Link?

Did you know that the key variable in determining high and low employee engagement has almost NOTHING to do with where they work and EVERYTHING to do with the quality of their manager?

According to the recent Visier¹ report, people managers ‘generate 70% of the variance in team engagement’. This means that YOU (or your manager) are almost entirely accountable for team engagement!

That’s a pretty brutal piece of information – but here’s the good news (I always like to start the year with some good news!) – improving the variance can be really simple!

Alisa Cohn – the top Leadership & Startup Coach (as named by Marshall Goldsmith), was a recent guest on my podcast, “On Work and Revolution”, and she had some EXCELLENT tips and insights for leaders. Her top tip: have more frequent, higher quality 1:1 meetings with your team. BOOM!

Listen to more great take-outs from Alisa HERE.

So, if you’re still making new year’s resolutions, ensure that 1:1 meetings are high up on the list.

And if you think it’s time to hire a stronger link for your leadership team – feel free to call us to discuss.