CEO / Entrepreneur / Dancer

You may have noticed my third ‘slash’. Dancer. A ‘job title’ that I claimed when I worked professionally as a dancer, choreographer, and director of a contemporary dance company, until my late 20’s. I retired, broke and injured, as do many of us….and luckily found a new creative ‘home’ in the world of business.

Yes, I find entrepreneurship as creative and demanding as being a dancer – and my foundations trained me well for the resilience, discipline and tenacity required to deal with the roller-coaster ride of running businesses.

Yet I still retain my identity as ‘Dancer’, even though I’ve not been in training for more than 2 decades. You see, I have a dance bug, which is similar to a latent virus that flares up from time to time, and lingers until treated.

Over the years, my ‘treatments’ have included choreographic projects, attending Urban Dance Camp (an international hip-hop summer camp in Germany), and performing at the National Festival of the Arts in Grahamstown, South Africa.

I’ve had another flare-up recently. A simmering, yearning desire to dance again, and to experience the blissful flow state that I find in my happy place. And so I embarked on a journey to Okiep (in the Northern Cape of South Africa), to go and hang out with some of my dance besties.

Two incredible days of dancing hard has got me cured…..for a while.