Career & job search coaching

For leaders who have been laid off and find themselves in the job market – possibly for the first time in years – the search for a new role can be daunting and unexpectedly prolonged. This coaching program is specifically designed to support leaders in this situation, providing the tailored assistance they need to navigate today’s competitive job market with confidence.

Here are the core components of the program, which consists of one-on-one bespoke sessions:

Initial Consultation: An in-depth meeting to understand the leader’s situation and set clear expectations.

Personal Branding: Development of a strong personal brand to articulate the leader’s value and purpose.

Resume and LinkedIn Optimization: Tailored updates to resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

Networking Support: Guidance on effective networking techniques and strategies to build and leverage valuable connections.

Job Search Strategies: Assistance in identifying and pursuing job opportunities through referrals and networks.

Interview Preparation: Coaching to enhance interview skills and presentation.

Ongoing Support: Continuous support throughout the job search process, including offer negotiation and transition assistance.

The focus is to keep leaders motivated and on track, despite the challenges and curve-balls which may arise. The program is designed to YOUR unique needs, ensuring that you have the right tools and support that will lead to your next position.

Co-Founder Coaching

Coaching is the not-so-secret start-up superpower for founder-CEOs. Of lesser prominence, but vital necessity – particularly when markets are tough and co-founders at all stages are facing high pressure, new obstacles and challenging decisions – is Co-Founder Coaching.

Co-Founder Coaching is focused specifically on co-founder relationships, and Debbie is typically called in to support or salvage relationships that have become conflictual, dysfunctional, hostile or toxic:

  • day-to-day communication is challenging, with each other, and others in the company
  • due to lack of alignment, company strategy is unclear, decision-making and execution has stalled
  • leadership teams are confused, stressed and fearful
  • company goals are not being met, and investors are concerned

The objective of the coaching process is to restore trust, overcome obstacles, improve communication, and enable the stuck relationship to regain balance and momentum. By doing so, vision, goals and agendas become realigned, decision-making can flow, culture stabilizes and people function properly again.

Co-founder coaching processes are tailored to the unique needs of the founders, and include 1:1 and joint sessions.

CEO Coaching

An increasing number of CEOs turn to coaching for support, growth, optimal performance and accelerated learning. Just as high performing athletes draw on the skills of a top quality coach, so too ‘business athletes’ require the same.

Working with a skilled coach as a thinking partner and sounding board in a confidential, safe space, is considered critical for those who plan to go the distance (and succeed) as they navigate through various growth and career milestones.

In particular, during times of exceptional stress (think global pandemic, recessionary market conditions, start-up sector upheaval), founder-CEOs of all stages need supplementary support to maintain a clear head for decision-making and stakeholder engagement.

Due to Debbie’s expertise with hiring leaders, she provides additional support with people and talent-related decisions.

The CEO-Coaching process includes 1:1 sessions, as well as leadership team feedback and/or assessments (if desired).


Rebel Girls owes much of its success to Debbie – She is an incredible asset for me and for the company, and I can’t imagine functioning without her. She is very smart, very strategic, and very experienced with execs and startups.– CEO, Rebel Girls
Debbie is creative and thinks out of the box in terms of finding solutions for intractable problems. Above all – her integrity is without question and she can be trusted to tell it like it is.– Margaret Jenks, Strategy Consultant & Former Chief Executive