Debbie offers one-to-one personalised coaching to entrepreneurs; owner-managers of recruitment firms; and leaders who are at key pivot points in their entrepreneurial journeys, or careers.

Owner-Managers: Recruitment Firms

For owner-managers of recruitment agencies or executive search firms, shifting from working IN the business (entrenched in the day-to-day of clients, candidates, assignments, team, etc) to ON the business (or handing over the operations entirely) seems like a pipe dream.

If YOU are the brand, and your clients, team and revenue is still too dependent on YOU, it’s hard to imagine being able to exit, sell – or even find time to take on something new.

In this 6-session programme, I will help you to develop and execute a transition plan!

Programme outline:

  • Developing a transition strategy from working IN the business, to ON the business (or planning a full exit)
  • Building the right team to take over
  • Designing a communication plan for key stakeholders
  • Creating a sales pipeline to ensure sustainable growth into the future (without you!)
  • Working on your mindset for change and moving on!


6 x 1 hour coaching sessions (1:1 with me, Debbie)

Sessions take place via skype/zoom/call

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Many entrepreneurs reach a point in the growth and development of their businesses, where they’re ready to move on. Either to exit entirely, or to hand over the day-to-day running of their ‘baby’ to someone else. For some, this feels almost impossible!

Debbie provides a multi-session coaching programme to entrepreneurs who are thinking about a transition like this, but need a mindset shift, a structured approach and plan to make it happen.

The outcomes: dream it, plan it, action it – and move on!

Sessions take place via a digital platform (or phone call).

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Debbie offers high impact coaching sessions to leaders and executives who are at an advanced stage in their careers and need to make critical, sometimes urgent, career decisions.

The sessions are intended to help think (and talk) through the complexities, risks, up- and down- sides of a career move or decision – with an unbiased, highly skilled professional.

The outcomes of a session: Decision-making clarity; self-assurance; a strategy on how to progress; and an action plan.

Sometimes only a single session is needed. Sessions take place via a digital platform (or phone call).

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Fee per session: $650

Duration: 60 – 90 minutes