Executive Search

Finding Great Leaders

We’re no ordinary executive search firm. Since inception (two decades ago), we have been shaking things up in the world of executive search, helping our clients to build diverse, high-growth leadership teams in disruptive and emerging sectors.

Jack Hammer USA

Jack Hammer USA focuses on Ed-tech and Workplace Learning. In these sectors, we help both established companies and high growth start-ups with their most important leadership appointments, in the most cost effective way possible.

Jack Hammer Africa

Jack Hammer Africa is Africa’s largest executive search boutique; we help companies, NPOs, Private Equity firms and VC investors with a presence in Africa to build great leadership teams. We work across industries, and in all of the main markets on the continent.


OntheBlock helps global blockchain, crypto and NFT companies with their leadership appointments. With talent pools in both Web2 and Web3, we help founders and CEOs to grow their leadership teams. As trusted advisors, our clients rely on our insights and expertise gained through decades of building high-growth leadership teams in disruptive and emerging industries.

Great people create great workplaces. Where people and ideas thrive.