On Work and Revolution is a podcast that leads the way to creating amazing workplaces where people and ideas flourish. Or at least to work-life that doesn’t suck! We speak to trend-setters, futurists, academics and leaders who are shaking things up and finding new ways to work-life in our time.

This show is for the leaders and pioneers who want to build thriving workplaces; who want to be on the cutting edge of people trends; and who need to navigate the world of work right now.



If you don’t do politics, politics will do you with Niven Postma, Author, Lecturer & HBR Contributor

The art of negotiating your compensation package with Henna Pryor, Workplace Performance Expert

The wild post-pandemic CHRO ride with Lorna Hagen, Chief People Officer at Guild Education

Chipped nail polish and other explosive work norms with Dorothy Dalton, Founder at 3Plus Int.

Creating amazing workplaces for working moms with Advaita Naidoo, MD, Africa, Jack Hammer Global

Learning faster than the pace of change is your #1 priority with Stephen Bailey, Co-Founder and CEO of ExecOnline

How the heck do we build culture remotely with Jeff Melnyk, Founding Partner at Within People

The truth about resilience in an unsafe world with Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal, Founder of Resilience Leadership Institute

When will the first CEO be a robot with Kate O’Neill, ‘Tech Humanist’, CEO at KO Insights

Addicted to finding certainty in the future of work with John Sanei, Futures Strategist

The Critical Mindset Differentiator for Leaders with Alisa Cohn, Global CEO Coach

The workplace experience of teachers (why it doesn’t have to be like that!) with Jake Bryant, Partner at McKinsey

Why it’s so hard to be a VC-backed CEO right now with Shoshana Vernick, MD at Avathon


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