Feelin’ good in 2018!

“It’s a new dawn; It’s a new day; It’s a new life, for me….And I’m feelin’good.”

That’s how we arrive at work after the year end break. Even if it was only a short one, the slow-down all over the world means that the usual relentless pace softens, slows, and for a few days at least, grinds to a lovely halt. Giving us all a moment to catch our breath, rest, and re-charge.

In fact, it doesn’t actually take much for the renewal and regeneration of energy to take place.

But then we land, and the ‘feelin’good’ state of mind evaporates in a heart-beat. The resolutions fly out the window, and we quickly fall back into old patterns. We find ourselves using phrases like: ‘It’s Hectic’, ‘I’m so busy’, ‘it’s just crazy’, etc….and our hopes for something different in the new year crash and burn.

This year, I’m keen to feel good ALL YEAR. And I know that my only hope of success is becoming a LOT more conscious of my thoughts, words and actions.

Not to say that I’m going to fall into the camp of ‘happy at all costs’. I don’t think that’s sustainable or authentic. Accepting that there are days, hours, minutes, moments when everything feels like crap, is real life, and acknowledging these times is critical to overall well-being.

But I also have control over the words I choose, and the approach I take to the events of daily life. I can choose to be cynical, I can moan, whine and complain. Or I can choose my words carefully, and reconsider the less-than-perfect events of the day with a perspective of gratitude, of learning, and of compassion.

I can feel gratitude, and I can say thank you.

I can notice and appreciate one small, magnificent moment each day.

I can greet warmly and smile more.

I can act with kindness, and compliment sincerely.

And I can withhold the cynical, critical complaints. They achieve nothing at all.

Wishing you all the very best for a truly HAPPY 2018!