I’m done with ‘Busy’!

I’m done with ‘Busy’!

It’s expected these days when asked by almost anyone how you are, to respond with ‘Busy’ (or some other synonym, like ‘hectic’, ‘crazy’, or ‘mad’). It’s the standard response, whether you’re in business, or any other sphere of society.

I was at an event last week, where I was chatting to a colleague about some of the big events coming up for me in the next few months – some significant projects at Jack Hammer (my primary business), the launch of a new business which is already running a bit behind schedule, delivering an executive education programme (and I still need to create the curriculum!!), amongst others….

And then he asked – well stated – the inevitable: ‘So you’re…Busy!’ he interjected, without even waiting for my response.


I’m really tired of it. Mostly, tired and frustrated that I don’t have a better word to express my ‘state’.

Because ‘busy’ doesn’t adequately describe how I feel about my life most of the time, albeit that almost every waking hour is fully occupied with something. Even when I’m practicing doing nothing (aka, mindfulness meditation, aka ‘being present’).

And because ‘busy’ also has connotations of a state that is not desired, or desirable. Almost like ‘busy’ is the way that we are compelled or coerced to live, against our will.

But my experience of ‘optimally occupied’ is neither undesirable, nor imposed on me by some force beyond my control.

Firstly, my life is intentional. I’m in the privileged position of being able to choose the content and pace of my each day.

And secondly, I’m super-energised and excited by these choices.

But I haven’t yet found a great word to use instead of busy. ‘Optimised’ sounds like an industrial engineering process. ‘Engaged’ is a little better, but feels so….mild. ‘Wired’ has got a whole bunch of other connotations…’

So, I’m struggling with vocabulary.

Suggestions will be VERY welcome!