The Living Room Leader – Nr 1 Bestseller on Amazon!

We made it! Last week my new book – ‘The Living Room Leader’ – became the Nr 1 Bestseller on Amazon in Business Leadership 😊

It’s a really ‘gulp’ moment when your publisher sends you the message, and I have been absolutely overwhelmed by all the support I’ve received from colleagues and friends all over the world. So, a BIG thank you!

And if you missed the pre-sale, the book is now available for purchase. Here are some reviews:

Brilliant insights, authentic expression, thought provoking, and a real-world call to action from lessons learned we can all benefit from in shaping our hybrid future. An excellent read for the times and the future.” – Joseph B. Hunt

Thoughtful, grounded insights and advice for all those who are trying to shake off Zoom fatigue and get recharged.” – M Adams

More importantly, if you’re trying to figure out what lies ahead with hiring and retaining leadership talent as we emerge into new hybrid work models, feel free to reach out to me for a discussion.