‘It’s just important to be kind as to be clever. Organizations that perform at a high level for a long time don’t just think differently from everyone else, they care more than everyone else. In an era of big ideas and disruptive technology, simple acts of connection and compassion take on outsized importance’. William Taylor, co-founder of Fast Company.

Globally, organisation and their pioneering leaders are demonstrating that when one puts the ‘human’ back into human resources, employee engagement, productivity and the bottom line all receive a massive boost.

In this presentation, I explore what’s possible if we learn to lead differently, on the premise of compassion and kindness. I share credible global examples so that audiences don’t think I’m entirely crazy! Believe it or not, compassionate leadership is ‘the next big thing’, as is the idea that workplaces can be wonderful, empowering, great places for people to do meaningful work that is mutually beneficial for all stakeholders.

Join me in shaping a new future for leadership and the world of work.