Mindfulness is being practiced all over the world. By 2017, approximately 44% of companies in the USA offer Mindfulness training, and more people have commenced some form of meditation practice than ever before in history. Over 300 research studies show an endless list of scientifically proven benefits of Mindfulness – increased focus, attention, emotional control, and overall happiness; decreased levels of anxiety and stress. But what is Mindfulness? Why does it work? And how can one incorporate the ideas and principles into everyday life and work, to experience some of these enriching benefits?

This interactive workshop provides insights into all of these questions, as well as practical tools to take away and use immediately, in your personal, family and business life.

You will learn:

  • Basic Mindfulness principles (in plain English)
  • The science and data behind Mindfulness
  • What’s happening in the brain – and why it works
  • Introductory Mindfulness exercises
  • ‘IntheFlow’- a Mindfulness-based system
  • Incorporating the principles into everyday life and work

Format: 3.5 hour interactive workshop (including a tea-break)