‘Grateful For’ – an excerpt from ‘IntheFlow’

‘Grateful For’, is the title of Chapter 15 from Debbie Goodman-Bhyat’s book, IntheFlow – Taking Mindfulness to Work.

“Next up is a bit of gratitude and appreciation.

Yes, I accept, it can sound a little soppy and clichéd – I too have heard a million times about ‘gratitude journals’ and writing a list of ten things every day that one can be grateful for, just so that you have some perspective on how not- awful your life is …

So I understand if you’re reading this with a raised eyebrow.

However, if you’re into hard-core science and data, there is an abundance of empirical evidence that validates the positive physical, emotional and psychological impact of cultivating an awareness of appreciation and thankfulness.

In Thanks! by Robert A. Emmons, scientific research shows that regular thoughts of gratitude can improve one’s sense of joy, optimism and happiness by about 25%, and Gratitude Works! (by the same author who is a world expert in the field of ‘gratitude science’) offers a whole lot more data on the topic.

Even so, scientific evidence aside, you may still be feeling somewhat sceptical about dabbling in gratitude. So here’s a direct instruction: Drop the raised eyebrow because IntheFlow’s ‘Grateful For’ prompt has real impact.”

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