Mindfulness trending in the boardroom

“Mindfulness is no longer an opaque concept reserved for yoga retreats and motivational memes,” says Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, author, speaker and CEO of Jack Hammer, rated one of SA’s top 3 executive search companies.

“The idea that people who practice mindfulness principles might be on the fringes of society belongs to a past era, and these days there is enough data, research and scientific information supporting not only the personal, but also commercial benefits of a more in-tune, holistic approach to life and work.”

Global studies conducted on international organisations (including Fortune 500 companies) show a 19% decrease in stress, 37% increase in productivity, 40% increase in focus, 34% increase in emotional control and 37% decrease in overwhelm in companies where mindfulness practices have been introduced. And a recent study found that participants in 6-9 week mindfulness courses experience a 42% stress reduction, as well as improvement in productivity, time management and job satisfaction.